Drone News

  • UAV215 More From the Big Drone Show
    Interviews from the 2017 Big Drone Show in Toronto, Canada with Tablet-EX-Gear, Gyrfalcon Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Global UAV Technologies, High Eye Aerial Imaging, and UAV Tower Innovations. The Big Drone Show The Big Drone Show was held September 27-28, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and David recorded interviews with a... Read more »
  • UAV214 Autonomous Air Taxi Takes Flight
    An Autonomous Air Taxi test flight over Dubai, the SpiderMAV perching drone, Flirtey plans for delivery of emergency defibrillators by drone, using the Insitu ScanEagle to fight wildfires, the Zenmuse X7 professional camera, and drones for traffic management studies. UAV News Volocopter Completes Test Flight Over Dubai The German-designed Volocopter (recently renamed the... Read more »
  • UAV213 DJI Matrice 200 Series
    The DJI Matrice 200 Series for enterprise commercial solutions, drone package delivery to your fingertips, new drone flight restrictions, a hybrid drone that spins around a pole, and Boeing’s acquisition of Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation. UAV News The future of drone delivery Cambridge Consultants has a drone delivery concept where packages are delivered... Read more »
  • UAV212 The Big Drone Show
    Interviews with The Sky Guys, Defiant Labs, and the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre at the 2017 Big Drone Show in Toronto, Canada. UAV News Ruling gives FAA more power over drones than local governments Newton, Massachusetts enacted drone rules that included the requirement to register with every municipality you will fly over, and... Read more »
  • UAV211 Matternet Autonomous Drone Network
    The Matternet autonomous drone package delivery network, reasons the drone industry job market is hot, studying the risk of injury when drones strike people, drones and transmission line cable construction, actuator servos and the Aerosonde Mk4.7 sUAS, and a webinar for planning your drone program. UAV News The first autonomous drone delivery... Read more »
  • UAV210 A Global Drone Registry
    ICAO proposes a global drone registry, a multi-rotor endurance record, a major change at Drone360 magazine, tracking drones with cellular networks, drone support following Hurricane Irma, and more swarming technology. UAV News U.N. aviation agency to call for global drone registry The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) proposed a global database of drone... Read more »
  • UAV209 Drones for Disaster Relief
    Using drones for disaster relief, a new marketplace for used drones, a drone park for a Florida county, unmanned aircraft replacing manned helicopters, bright career prospects for drone pilots, and fighting pollution with gas-sniffing drones. UAV News Amateur Drones Over Houston Endangering Rescue Choppers, Officials Say The Texas Military Department representing the Texas... Read more »
  • UAV208 The Bladeless Drone
    A bladeless drone wins a design award, women to watch in UAS, drone support for Hurricane Harvey, DJI issues a mandatory firmware update, Customs and Border Protection nabs a drug runner, video gamers as drone pilots, and talking drones from Amazon. UAV News The Dyson of Drones Mexican designer Edgar Herrera has created... Read more »
  • UAV207 Drone Racing with the Pro Aerial League
    A new drone racing league takes shape, an unmanned aircraft vehicle traffic management system is planned for Kansas, Northrop Grumman’s MQ-25 drone tanker testbed was spotted, a Phantom landed on an aircraft carrier, DJI responds to issues over data transmission, and drones assist in a rescue mission. UAV News Professional drone racers... Read more »
  • UAV206 DJI and Data Security
    DJI drones come under attack for data transmissions, the U.S. Army responds, military installations get approval to take down drones, a Navy fighter is forced to take evasive action, automated approval to fly in airport airspace, and thrust-assisted perching. UAV News Drone Data Security sUAS News describes the data they say is collected... Read more »
  • UAV205 Smith College Drone Class
    A visit to the Smith College drone class, 3DR and DJI join resources, drones assist with invasive snakes, Farmers Insurance expands the use of UAS, and a drone privacy spat on Twitter.... Read more »
  • UAV204 Drone Registration Planned for the UK
    Drone registration in the UK, drone strikes on aircraft studied, a transformable UAV, the Airbus Sagitta, DJI Spark issues, and draft TSOs.... Read more »
  • UAV203 Warm Springs FAA UAS Test Range
    The Test Range Manager of the Warm Springs FAA UAS Test Range joins us as our guest.... Read more »
  • UAV202 Piaggio HammerHead Testing Resumes
    The Piaggio Aerospace P.1HH HammerHead UAS, drones and field biology, drone security, and drone swarming technology.... Read more »
  • UAV201 Telecommunication Drone
    Telecommunication drone tests from MIT and Verizon. Also, flying near firefighters, pipeline inspection, drone registration refunds, and the UAS Identification and Tracking Aviation Rulemaking Committee.... Read more »